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Effective visibility is the most important cornerstone of sustainable business and video is the most powerful visibility tool available. Don’t leave this opportunity untapped!

Hi and welcome! I’m Tori Crewes. 

I teach female entrepreneurs how to grow their business with video.

Video is the strongest medium for engagement, traction and reach. It allows you to connect with heart & convert with ease. It is both an opportunity and essential skill in online business, whatever your stage. 

Do you procrastinate around filming or do you ‘shoot n hope’?  Sadly, neither convert your view time to clients. Grab my free guide to guide you through YOUR best next step with filming biz videos. 

A business strategist, my previous career as an actor and live TV director informs a depth of expertise in this vital medium.

I believe that sound strategy and genuine client connection does more for your camera confidence than good hair. The purpose of video is NOT know, like, trust. If you think it is (as many ‘video gurus’ teach!), grab my free guide for another perspective that will make hitting record WORTH IT.

Make yourself at home here and feel free to contact me any time

I can't wait to see you on camera.

As an entrepreneur, you need the right:

Video Strategy


DIY video set-up

Delivery/Performance Skills

Share & Review Techniques

Troubleshooting Tools

Learn the fundamentals of video for business in my free e-book.


 Meliors Sims 



Since Tori Crewes has been my coach, my mailing list has increased by more than 400%, my Facebook Page Likes grew by more than 350% and my business income increased by 143%.

 Debbie Jay


After just two sessions with Tori I had 3 videos reach around 1000 views in just 4 weeks.  

Tori's suggestions to improve my planning and delivery made such a difference. I now know that video is my thing and I'm excited to do the Convert on Camera course and apply more of Tori's brilliant advice.

Tori is a Business Video Specialist. A business strategist with twenty years experience as an actress and director, Tori helps online entrepreneurs up level their business videos in a way that is both aligned and strategically smart.  

Whether you're in start up and camera shy or advanced and love to present, Tori's unique approach to video strategy, scripting and performance will improve your engagement, reach and conversion to grow your business. 

If you need business video coaching, training or an site director, you're in the right place.